Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hamilton Wins!

Can I call it, or what?
Maybe it was beginner's luck, but my pick Lewis Hamilton won the 2010 Grand Prix. The race was incredible. F-18 jets flew overhead, the sound of the cars was amazing, screeching, high-pitched, ear plugs got some good testing. The guys pulled in to the pits only a couple of times to change tires. This was the first year that no refueling was allowed which changed the race somehow. One car crashed right out of the start and a few others didn't make it. Shawn was in heaven, like a little kid, overcome with pure joy.

 The track is on an island on a beautiful park with a huge casino in the middle.

 A hundrend thousand people descended on the island to watch the festivities, including this guy.
The race took less than two hours, but what a thrill. Vroom, vroom.

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