Monday, June 21, 2010

Thai Turnaround

Shana spent all day in bed yesterday. She made one Mount Everest-like walk to the family room for a two and a half hour showing of Avatar, but other than that, it was beddy bye time. Just snoozing in a Percocet-filled haze, a little texting, too tired to Facebook and a bit of thinking. She made it through the night with no drugs and awoke with this: "Mom, I've figured out my first meal." Yay, I said. For the past several days anytime I mentioned any food she shook her head and covered her ears. I played "here comes the choo-choo" game with her and got in some mashed potatoes, chicken soup and rainbow sorbet, but that's about it. So I figured that thoughts of real food was a very good sign. OK, what is it? Thai food and a Pizzookie for dessert.

Wow. Pretty ambitious. Great, we can go to neighborhood fave Takeda then walk to Oreganos, perfect. That's not going to happen today, but it's definitely something to look forward to. Today, we took it a little slower. She wanted a grilled cheese from In-and-Out so she actually left the house, invited the dog along and we went to the drive-thru. She took one bite, not gonna happen, and the dog had a nice treat. Hours later she wanted to try something else and we headed out again for a Cherry Coke Slurpee. She drank the whole thing. Peanut sauce, here she comes.

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