Sunday, June 6, 2010


Pardon me while I gush about Workshop (check out the video). Shana's back in the summer swing of it for her last year as a Peer Leader (volunteering over 300 hours a year). It's her fourth year,
(here are a few shots from Summer '09)
as Miley Cyrus

with BFF Wade
Bat Girl
Some of the gang

but she was a "participant" for many years before that. This summer will be full of more responsibilities for her, more leadership, more calling the shots, more involvement in the running of the three-day training this weekend and the week long sessions all summer and the four-day wrap up at Hawley Lake in August, culminating with her "Exiting" ceremony. It's been exciting to see her step up to the plate so far, getting involved with some pretty deep issues already with some of her peers. She's also still learning  from her mentors, like the totally amazing, I wish half of the things that came out of my mouth were as meaningful, Dr. Franny. This summer there is also a new team leader, just graduated from college and back to Workshop after being away for several years. She remembered Shana from way back when and has gone on to do some pretty amazing things with her life. Hard-to-impress Shana came home the other day and said, "That's what I want to do with my life," so the fact that they will be spending some intense time together for the next three months is a good thing. You can't buy that. Shana's been pretty lucky and seems to have learned more from what not to do over the years. Workshop allows the kids to really let all of their feelings out. She's seen and heard some pretty traumatic stories. Abuse, depression, addiction, divorce, death, illness, peer pressure, boy-girl and parent-child relationships, school problems and more are some themes that circle through their days as they learn to go out in to the world and successfully deal with whatever is thrown at them. It's truly an amazing experience and, believe it or not, a lot of fun, too. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with soccer camp and swimming lessons, God knows we've done that, too, but this is a one in a million program that I know is changing the world. Check it out and sign up the kids for a week this summer. You'll be glad you did.

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