Friday, June 18, 2010

Polynesian Party

Leis, grass skirts, tiki torches, exotic wall hangings and flowers surrounded us as we gathered at Louise's Happy Girl House for a total monkey business Polynesian Party celebrating my birthday, Louise's birthday and Maddie's upcoming departure, so really it was just all about celebrating. We hung out on the lush, plush patio by the perfectly placed pool drinking and talking and grilling after some chopping and grinding and hula hula-ing in the kitchen on a gorgeous summer night in Phoenix.  Incredible din din by the should be world-famous Jo - wasabi-crusted ahi, grilled mixed veggies marinated in, since we ran out of oil, Paul Newman's Own (whose idea was that?), berries with a splash of balsamic, sesame green beans and a yogurty cheesy yummy rice dish. Then the "homemade" Leslie fruit tart and Tammie Coe mini coconut cupcakes disappeared as the Sucker Queen regaled us with stories from her heavily forested past (before the fancy new pruner), the wills and will nots of relationships, who's got the power?, and calling in sick for those four things you need in life (which can all be found for $99 at the Montelucia, well, except for the bed shoes). I'm lucky. We're all lucky. It's going to be a great summer...

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