Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going, going, gone to up, up and away

August 30th - walls are up...
August 18th
I've lost the bet. I thought McDonald's could throw up a new store in a couple of months, but we're at over six weeks and I realize it's not gonna happen. But, look. I skipped work yesterday, so sometime between Tuesday at 5pm and Thursday at 8am - a wooden frame rising up.

Tuesday, July 12. 
You know you can get a whole McDonald's Meal Deal in under a couple of minutes, but how long does it take to build a whole restaurant? I'm betting two months, tops. I'll be snapping some pics along the way. Anybody wanna bet a Big Mac on it?
 One day in June
I should have been a construction guy. Well, a destruction guy would be more like it. Knocking things down has always fascinated me. I wrote about our local McDonald's, all worn out and set for a total redo. The fence went up the other day and here was the photo from this am, July 5.
Then..on the way home. Gone (click on photo for better view).
Somebody had more fun at work today than I did.

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  1. Well, I guess they're doing a tear down! That's a lot of work for one day!