Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maggie's Place

Shana just finished up a summer internship at Maggie's Place. It's a truly amazing organization that provides support for pregnant young women. If you've got some time or money or supplies, send some their way and they will put it to good use making the community a better place. Shana did a little bit of everything there - marketing, PR, answering phones, oohing over the babies, fundraising and being an overall hospitable addition to their staff. I accompanied her to a celebration party last week and the praise for her just oozed out of everybody. She's so bright. So helpful. So positive. Takes initiative - all the stuff a mom loves to hear. They even gave her a brick and she chose the above saying from her 8th grade theme song "I Hope You Dance." Makes me cry every time.

Now...on to more summer-y things.

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