Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So long Steve. You've always been such a cool, think outside the box kind of guy, and I hope your next adventure won't be too difficult. Living with a Mac addict has given me the inside scoop on all things Jobs. Shawn's always needed to have the latest and greatest Apple product. When the iPad came out, I finally balked. Enough already. What does it do that our computers/phones/laptops don't do? So he waited. And waited. Until the PC/Mac fight came full circle in our world. We are finally close enough to a big upgrade in our office that will allow us to use Macs, justifying a new iPad. So after Shawn got home today with his new toy and spent about an hour setting it up, syncing, charging, loading he was ready to surf. He came and sat down by me to show off the goods, fired it up, tapped the NYTimes app and this popped up.

Steve Jobs Steps Down At Apple

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