Sunday, August 14, 2011

Faker, finally

Look quick! Quicker. OK, we know that's not Shana, but hopefully in a dark bar some 250 pound bouncer won't know the difference since all the girls at U of A pretty much have this same general appearance. It's wierd. The years long search and yearning to be older, to hang with her crowd in the clubs has finally come to and end. Shana couldn't bare the thought of spending her final time in college alone in her room as the gang bar-hopped through T-town. So good friend, K---, succumbed (illegally, watch out for the identify theft police) to the pressure, went in for a new photo, gave it her best "Shana look" and answered the poor kid's prayers. Shana says it's not for drinking. It's for the social aspect. Right. Smile. Cheers.

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