Sunday, August 28, 2011


Now that Irene has passed (and nobody ended up stranded on a rooftop or dying in a stadium), may I take a moment to make fun of the news? OMG. What's with the Team B reporters standing in 90mph winds, doing the wide stance, getting drenched, watching piers and shingles and trees fly by, trying to smile into their fluffy, fluffy microphones? They keep repeating what a President, Governors and Mayors all up and down the East coast have said - stay inside. Well, except for me. I'll be ok as I answer questions like, "So, what's it like out there?" "Have you seen the eye of the storm yet?" And the one that still has me cracking up...CNN's Wolf asked, "What's your greatest fear?"And before the guy could respond, Shawn's voice from behind me pipes up,


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