Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Club - South of Broad

The Broads went south of Shea to Chez Spence to talk about a beautifully written book about family, friends and what it takes to stick together. There were grits and black-eyed peas and corn bread and rhubarb crisps and peachy drinks and candles and new wallpaper and dresses and a checkered shirt and a birthday party
for birthday, no longer a speed limit, girl, Leslie,
and tons of Southern hospitality all around. Thanks y'all!
Also on nightstand this month...
Love how author (she has a great blog) writes about falling in love with a Parisian and, among other things, compares the "just do it" spend, spend, spend American way of life to her new "joie de vivre."
Just finished
an amazing non-fiction account of how the cells from one woman have gone on to create a better world for the rest of us, incredible scientific details folded in with the history of the Lacks family.

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