Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Afterschool Special

Halfway through a text to Shana, asking how her first day of school went, telling her I wished I could be there with some milk and cookies, she called. Cool teachers, great classes, reconnected with a friend from last year, no problems with the long distance between two classes she was worried about, lunch scheduled  with a lonely freshman from Scottsdale, excited about new job, big celebration tonight.

Senior undergrad year, day one, total success.

Aftermidnight Surprise
Apparently, U of A won't let you graduate unless you take a semi-naked dip in the fountain on Old Main (at least that's what Shana and her roomies told the nice police officer)

Photo cropped due to my PG-13 blog rating, but here's the sign below
Maybe Reading 101 is next semester...

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