Monday, August 1, 2011

Adios Amiga

Darling Diva Cathy is off to Denver. Rounding up the gang and heading north for a little fresh air, a new house, new schools, a coppery new job. We surrounded her at Zinc Bistro for a French Farewell, complete with congratulations and good lucks, a heartthrob Frenchy owner, boobs, boobs, of course, the planning of a book club Denver trip, the two too tall armoires, reminiscing about the good times,
Look, Jaye showed up, too.
Then, so did Brent. No manly photo, but he came complete with dirty jokes and even paid the tab for all of us lushes (anything to steal away his bride of 24 years, Jilly-B, for a French celebration of their own).

So after four hours of fun, frolic and friskiness, we bid adieu. Until we see you again!
Pinetop last year - Cathy's first big Diva trip away from the kids

For the boobs...again
Look left, way left. There she is years and years ago down the hallway holding her newborn baby. 
Now who wouldn't miss a girl like that?


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