Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yogi Isabelle led a bunch of lucky ladies through an amazing chakra yoga/art experience. 
Here comes the woo woo...
During an incredible yoga class, filled with amazing music and deep poses, perfect for a hot August afternoon, she explained that our "chakras" are like spinning energy centers from the root chakra up to the crown chakra (this is ancient Buddhist and Hindu stuff, people), leading us through each, teaching along the way what they mean and how to strengthen them - 7. grounding, good foundation, feet planted firmly on the ground, not "spacey" 6. sacral chakra, relationships, digestion, joy, belly dance, hoola-hoop, put on Chubby Checker and we all did the Twist, and up 3. the throat - say what you feel, don't "swallow" your words, thyroid issues. There's more - it will come to me later.
Eat colored foods that correspond to the chakra that you need to strengthen, the alligator and the fish - don't go through life taking, taking, taking - give some back, forgive.
We then channeled our "inner children" and created mandalas,
picking up protractors and pencils and watching what came out. Here is my own amazing thing of beauty (made the circles with a candle holder and tried to stay in the lines) 
Stunning, I know.

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