Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The WW Slide

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting at thirteen. Since then, I've been back many, many times, usually lasting for a few months before dropping out, thinking that I can handle it on my own. Thinking that all the weighing and measuring and counting and writing down and talking and asking for help is for the birds. Figuring that normal people eat and exercise and seem to stay at healthy weights without all the WW hoopla. But then I slide right back to where I was when I started, plus some. I thought this time would be different. This time it's a change of lifestyle thing. This time it's for keeps, no sliding backwards allowed. But it's happened. Since 9/2, it's been up, up, up, up. There have been two great four day girls' trips in there, plus one Shana's home for the weekend, let's go to all the favorite restaurants. There's been starting a class where everybody else is so young and so talented and the only thing that helps the stupid inferiority complex is a twist fro-yo. Excuses, excuses. But this week I'm getting off the up .2, the up .4, the up .2 slide before it gets too high. This Saturday. 8 am. It's just you and me Mr. WW Scale and you're goin' down.

Update: Couldn't wait 'til Saturday and weighed in Friday am. Down! Back to the 9/2 weight and back to focusing on the goal, a new goal - make it to January without going up.

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  1. I can relate, Lisa. I went to WW for 12 straight years and never made lifetime. I think I ended up about 50 pounds heavier at the end of those twelve years than at the beginning, not all their fault either. I still use points because I love the flexibility but just in conjunction with my 12-step program.