Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Look up MacDaddy in the dictionary and you get "pimp-meister, king of the streetwalkers, possessor of the blingest of the bling bling" but around here, MacDaddy looks more like this.
My own personal MacDaddy Shawn is obsessed, always needing every latest little thing. He got the iphone the day it came out a few years ago, stood in line with the rest of the Apple nerds. When the new version appeared, he said he wasn't going to get it. Thought he could live without it. Tried a little less is more, want vs. need experiment and I watched as restraint and reality actually won out for a change. Then MacDaddy's Daddy got one and kept calling for some "how do I do this" advice. Shawn couldn't take it anymore. Experiment was over and he headed to the Apple store, exiting with a sleek blinged out black bad boy of a phone (yours truly gets the hand-me-down "old" one). Minutes later he was on Facetime videoing with the parents, walking around the house, showing Nana and Papa our cute kitty, Calico, curled up in the fruit bowl and showing them my I'm on the way to the fair, look, here's my Bling Belt. The other night in a Tucson restaurant, Shana wanted in on the action and called MacPapa on MacDaddy's phone. MacPapa beamed at Shana from Pinetop, telling her how beautiful she looked, chatted a bit then went on a search for Nana, taking us all along for the tour, finally opening the bathroom door where she was, um, "resting" on the toilet, blingless, in a post-bath robe.

End Call? Push it. Push it. Push it.

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