Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Down Under Semi-Retirement Every Other Half Day Wednesday

The Koalas are here! The Phoenix Zoo is borrowing a couple of adorable koala bears from the San Diego Zoo for awhile (new info - they are not really bears, but marsupials). One of my friends who is not having a birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amy Si., Jaye, Laurel, Linda and Kelly!) asked me if Shawn and I still "do" the Semi-Retirement Every Other Half Day Wednesday thing and I had to answer no. I felt bad. Like I disappointed her. So, after I stared at billing reports for five hours this am and Shawn healed the sick, we headed to the zoo.
Except for a few families, the place was deserted. Perfect weather. Two by two we strolled through, laughing, playing our favorite "what is that animal thinking?" game, like, "Hey, Fred, stop acting like such a Warthog!"
and wondering what we should do next Wednesday.

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