Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Club - AArrruuggh!

Move over, Johnny, bookclub was Pirateville all the way.
I heard somebody say something about a book, Half Broke Horses, by the amazing Jeanette Walls,
but tonight it was all about birthday girl, Jaye. 50 big ones!
What she lacks in style (the lesbian shoes, the thick black knee-high socks, the couldn't quite get the pirate bandana on without looking like someone's mom from the old country) she totally makes up for in love of life and travel and only daughters and Movie Madness and hard work and her amazing wit and hilarious personality, like when she walked into Laurel's new Miraval-like suite and said, "If I had a bathroom like this, I'd be cute." 
The wine and Champagne was flowing, along with the Gourmet Magazine spread featuring French cheese, hard-to-find chipotle for the pork, mushroom risotto, veggie torte and a Garrison Keillor rhubarb apple crisp (well, two, those Farm Fraus need an extra for breakfast, don't ya know) until we all decided we're moving in for some permanent serious spoiling.
 We did the musical chairs around the house shuffle from the kitchen to the table to the sofa to the pool to the patio with some dancing, some smooching, 
some present opening, lots and lots of Happy Babying until the clock struck way past bedtime and the planning began for the next celebration.  How about Wednesday? 
Bring your bandana.

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  1. Lisa, you and our other bookclub Divas are have compelled me to by "girlie" shoes for my birthday! (but then I got a blister & had to re-don the merrils - oh well!)
    I do look very girlie-girl in my Cabi tunic!!
    ...keep on writing & I'll see you "at the movies!!" Jaye