Saturday, October 30, 2010


Jan Brewer was out in force tonight, stumping for votes, gathering up all the bloody beheaded heads from out in the desert,
protecting our great state from all of those paperless people out there. She looked great even with all of those wrinkles and funny teeth and inability to form a complete sentence and way too much wine and if you look closely enough there was a band-aid on her throat, which she said was really nothing, really, she's perfectly healthy, you know. Along with our amazing host the Guv, aka Maggie (a true blue Dem, don't worry, Terry), who bakes like nobody's business, the cinnamony apple pie, the chicken and veggie pie and the total yummy spread including Phantom of the Opera bartender, the scary, scary every inch of the place was decorated, we gathered with Jill, the always prepared hazmat queen,
Leslie, the big-bottomed, my arms aren't long enough to reach around, curlers in hair, white socks in sandals, last year's Harkins cup, I'm positive she'll find a cowboy at Handlebar's Diva, Louise, the lovely nurse, pockets full of "do you need a sedative?" syringes, open wide as she squirted the tequila down,

Kyle, the Dazed and Confused wild child of Maggie and Jens, Mr. Ghostbusters to you,
and me in a "does this make me look fat?" pumpkin outfit complete with totally natural hair stem. The place was packed and we were surrounded by Willie Nelson, Wendy from Wendy's complete with a red beard, an adorable puff of cotton candy, a pirate, Fred and Wilma Flinstone and so many more spooky characters as we did the "Time Warp"'s a jump to the left, then a step to the riiiiggghtt, put your hands on your hips... Next year we're all going as The Spice Girls - I already called paprika, Leslie's alum, so we've got thyme, rosemary and lots of salts still available for anybody who wants to join in as we start planning for a not-to-be-missed Trick or Treat night in CenPho.

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  1. Looks like a fun time! Love the Jan Brewer mask (not the real Jan Brewer...)