Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Big Chil(d)

Shana must have longed for the old days because she arrived on our doorstep for a happy weekend of movies and swimming and breakfasts and shopping and planning for Spain and just lounging around. After a couple of long girls gone wild September weekends with my friends it was nice to get back to the family, back to my own couch with my two faves. I've been trying to get Shana to see some movies from my past - this summer we got through Bugsy Malone, Risky Business, St. Elmo's Fire, Nine to Five, When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything - not award winning classics, I know, just for fun, and this weekend we saw The Big Chill, a real favorite and the new Wall Street (look quick, there's Oliver Stone). Shawn and I snuck away for a double date and she snuck off with her peeps to yet one more movie, one a bit more "with it" about Facebook. Now she's gone and it's back to texts, Facebook and no more laughing on the couch with Rory and Lorelei.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog...

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