Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tea for two (x 2)

I read somewhere there are four times more Tea Partiers in Arizona than in any other state.  Four times. Now usually that wouldn't bother me. I'm used to being a blue girl in a red state. Usually I'd be ok walking around in my own little "my guy won a couple of years ago, you know, and it's all going to be alright" bubble. But it's getting harder. There are signs all over town. Bumper stickers. Red-faced talking heads going on and on and on about immigration (kill 'em all!), taxes (hate 'em all - shut down the schools, let the houses burn, take away my sewer, I don't care!), global warming (global what?), health care reform (NO socialized medicine, none at all, except don't touch my Medicare). It's heating up. The Tea Partiers are circling with their hand-made Sharpie posters and it's going to get worse for the next few weeks. It's time to tell them the Tea Party's over, Mad Haters. Vote. Send it in. Early voting starts now.

Here are a few smart folks that could use some help...
Terry Goddard

Harry Mitchell

Penny Kotterman

Rodney Glassman

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