Friday, October 22, 2010

Fair and Balanced?

Wanna talk about Fair and Balanced? NPR is fair and balanced. It's solid, factual journalism in a time when we're seeing less and less of it all around us. It keeps me calm and informed during the week and makes me laugh on Saturday mornings. Lately, just to stay sane in the daily barrage of election phone calls and mailings and hanging ads on my front door and red-faced talking TV heads and disgusting commercials I can't get away from at Jiffy Lube, I've been heading to the left, listening to AM1480, checking in with updated polls online every day, reading the latest poignant Michael Moore (go ahead, click on it, read it) take on the Juan Williams firing and crossing my fingers that in a couple of weeks we won't let the puppets take over the whole place.

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