Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Straight Up

Instead of getting down to business and focusing on la dee dah yoga, the class was all excited about the new Cosmo  Arizona Bachelor of the Year, Geoff! Woo Hoo! He is the son of one of the ladies in class and Mary had to calm us down like a bunch of pre-schoolers.
The theme tonight was Community. Union. Communion.We learned how yoga is all about the joining of physical, emotional, spiritual "bodies" within us. After some balance poses, we did something new and formed a circle with the group - hands up, palm to palm, pressing lightly against each other. We sort of made our own "tree" as we did the tree pose. It was incredible how much easier it was to stand up straight with just a little bit of support. I realized that I was also trying much harder, focusing more, breathing, thinking about what I was doing because if I fell I could potentially bring down the whole group.

Mary's lesson: there is no ego in yoga.

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