Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Semi-Retirement Half Day Wednesday

After a little trip and a reminder not to keep doing the same thing every single day until we grow old and rot, Shawn and I are going back to semi-retirement half day Wednesdays. We do work on Saturday mornings to make up for our absence, so it's more like flex-time, but semi-retirement sounds more like a ditch day to me. Recently, somehow the fun went out of Wednesday afternoons. Lack of effort. Chores. Dentist appointments. But I'm recommitted.

 I've been trying to get up north to try the world famous Binkley's binkleysrestaurant, but can never seem to make an actual date, but today we tried "Binkley's little sister" in Cave Creek for lunch cafebink, a very hip bar/restaurant with a cool clientele and great employees. We sidled up to the bar and started with some "pulled" Mozzarella with three types of accouterments, tomatoes, red onion "marmalade" and pesto - oh, so good.

Then I had some mushroom soup (OMG is all I can say) with several different kinds of mushrooms and leeks, while Shawn had an arugula with the best chicken he's ever had salad.

Later, we happily said good-bye to the upper 80's and 90's of a few days ago and walked in the mid-60s sprinkling rain for a little art gallery hopping in Carefree. Sounds better than getting your teeth cleaned. Right?

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