Thursday, April 1, 2010


You know it's getting bad when you ohh and ahh over somebody's new reading glasses, but as I sat around the table with some old Arcadia friends I realized, at least we're all in the same boat. One by one the Facebook craze keeps adding old people in to the new mix, reconfiguring the combinations we had in high school, but somehow going right back in time. The other day I met a couple of old-timers from a different mix and since the past few months have been full of lunches and happy hours, we don't even go into the remember when's anymore, it's all new stuff, the new boyfriend, the kids, the invitro, the new career. But with tonight's happy hour gang at meet in the middle Outback Steakhouse, we're still catching up.The dramas have changed from does he like me? and trying to get a good score on the SATs to let's get divorced and how long will it take to figure out how to use a new cell phone. It's so fun to reminisce about the old days, the old cars, the old connections, the old teachers and the old bad girl (you know who you are), sitting in lounge chairs outside the bathroom door during the Christmas Eve open house, just waiting for her to appear. There are those long lost secrets of I never really thought I fit in to the new revelations of a broken gaydar (only Toe Knee Nose) and how important it is to have a friend to call when you need somebody to rummage through your underwear drawer in case of an emergency. Somebody that undersands the difference between a thong, no, no, no, not the thong, not the granny panties and defintiely not the period panties. Just put on your new fancy reading glasses, grab a nice pair and get down here now. That kind of friend. 

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