Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sophie's Getting Married!

Laurel's baby, Sophie, is engaged. If you looked up Perfect Kid in the dictionary, Sophie's picture would be there. Smart, generous, beautiful, talented, even organic - she's a real catch. Today we gathered at the lovely Arcadia Farms and showered her with love, bath and boudoir gifts and just a bit of marital advice. My words of wisdom contribution to the beautifully decorated "wedding box" was for her to keep learning, make herself strong and proud and happy since it's so much easier to be married to a happy person. But Sophie's already there and today she was glowing. There's nothing like a bridal shower to make it all really sink in. I hope she realizes how lucky she is. I hope she realizes what an incredible mom she has,
 one that flawlessly put together an exquisite party on a perfect day full of family and friends that have seen Sophie grow up, full of ribbons and daisies, full of sugar and spice and everything nice like raspberries, chocolate, Champagne and the fabulous new Diva table drink, the DeLisa,
full of incredibly significant traditions that Sophie, sister Claire, and all of the other beautiful young ladies in the room will pass on to their daughters - keep gathering together, keep the circle close, keep the fun and laughter flowing throughout the years. If you can do that, girls, marriage will be a piece of cake.

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