Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day Two - Van Gogh, Red Light, "coffee house" and more

Laurel and lucky hubby, Russ, joined the party for a trip to the Van Gogh Museum, peppermint tea, kitschy cozy shopping and bar hopping! The museum was incredible, then we moved on for a quick lunch. We found some adorable shops, including our favorite for some fun gifts. 

The people here are so stylish, so independent and hip - not a typical boring Gap t-shirt in the bunch. The stores were great, full of fun and different colors.

Farm frau apron for the farm frau
                Tea cozys to keep your tea pots warm

Never wanting to get dehydrated, we stopped at a great bar on the canal for a fun happy hour watching the locals and even the beer trolley rolling around in front. I was pretty sure it was called the Tavern Slutteroo, but Dutch Maddie fixed that fast - it's more like "sleightereigh" another bar! Check out the local Genever liquor next time you're there

Checking out the ladies in the Red Light district

Somebody taking one perfectly legal puff of something. Pot is legal in Amsterdam and there are "coffee houses" all over town. Just pop right in, ask for a menu and go for it. 

Took a great canal cruise for a bit of an Amsterdam history lesson and a great view of the city.

At the end of the long day, we stopped by the concierge suite at Laurel and Russ' hotel. We wanted them to get their money's worth, so the eating and drinking and philosophizing continued into the night...

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