Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rowby, kisses and a candlelight breakfast

Louise and I managed to figure out the trains all by ourselves, well, with a little help from some strangers and made it to Maddie's brother's house for a little slumber party on our last night. His name is Rob, but coming out of Maddie's mouth it's "Rowbie" and he lives with his husband, Martin, two sons and the boys' surrogate mother in a very cool five story apartment. Martin made us a delish fish dinner and we visited with Maddie and Rob for awhile. Pretty pooped, we turned down one more night on the town at a litte pub down the street for an early bedtime. Martin, kiss, kiss, tucked us all in with extra comforters. We awoke to a candlelight breakfast and then scooted off to the airport (which closed the day after we left due the volcano eruption in Iceland - got out just in time) where we snuggled in to our very own row for the trip home.

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