Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day one...into the night

Some tooling around down by the canals. For hundreds of years, whenever the people of Amsterdam needed some more land, they just dug more up, adding more and more canals between the neighborhoods. We toured the Red Light district where prostitution is legal. If there is a red light on and a lady standing scantily clad in her little room, then go on in! I peeked around the corner to try to see some preppy guy go in, but just got a view of some negotiating, maybe making a date for later, who knows? For only five Euros you can get one particular sex act (or down the street, a really pretty bouquet of tulips for the same amount - you decide). 
Stopped along the canal at Cafe Bar Emmelot in the Red Light district on our first night for some Amstel beer near the Amstel river. We sat outside on the canal, then moved inside to the smoky bar when the wind picked up. There were videos of American disco music from the 70's playing and we cracked up for awhile before a little more sightseeing (the main drag was really bustling on a Friday night) before heading back to the hotel for our first chance at being horizontal in two days.

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