Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wild Thing

I had my little wild thing home for the weekend and number one on the to do list was to see Where The Wild Things Are. It was one of our favorite books from Shana's childhood. We had it memorized and would quote from it when we were out and about, talking about Max and the teeth-gnashing monsters, but mostly it was the last line - "and it was still hot" - that would somehow stand for "everything will be ok" and never failed to make us smile. Our planned Saturday night movie out turned into swinging in the park and a Netflix DVD at home on the couch with Wild Thing, the original, Aunt Amy. The next showing on Sunday turned out to be just a father-daughter affair. Shawn and Shana loved it. It was different from the book, though, they said. Max goes outside, his mom is divorced and there was no "and it was still hot." No and it was still hot? I'm glad I skipped it.

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