Monday, October 5, 2009

Movie Mania

Just trying to get my fix of the latest flicks. A little review...

Capitalism: A Love Story. Crashed Shawn and his man date's Sunday afternoon car shopping extravaganza and dragged them to Michael Moore's latest skewering of our corrupt system. No matter which team you bat for (Fox News or The Huffington Post, red state/blue state, public option or status quo, etc.) this guy is for real. Every one of his documentaries has been chock full of facts (he always has tons of attorneys go through his scripts word for word just to make sure). He was right about GM and the entire car industry, right about gun control, right about 9/11 and Iraq and now he details the demise of our financial system in his typical wry, witty, satirical manner that had the full house theater applauding.  He goes after both sides more than I've ever seen, making it clear that the real idiots are those of us that keep squishing our eyes closed and voting for a bunch of crooks.

The Movie Madness girls and I snuck out of our busy lives today to see The September Issue - documentary about Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue. Better than I expected. There were a lot of real moments and behind the scenes secrets, not just flashy couture and make-up. Incredible footage of photo shoots and all of the stress involved in getting a monster like that to press. A few inside tidbits of what creates a cold but brilliant woman that totally rules the world of fashion.

Remember the amazing Good Will Hunting? After a couple of date night movies with Shawn lately, I'm missing the old Matt and Ben. Both flicks had their moments, with Matt in The Informant as the insider spy that slowly goes nuts and Ben in Extract (along with the adorable Justin Bateman) as a weird, long-haired, just not even cute anymore bartender. Wait for the DVDs.

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