Friday, October 30, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Shawn and I were driving home from work, cracking up. He was reading me dirty jokes from his iphone when I looked past his laughing face and saw a couple walking in the park, holding hands. At first glance from the back, the woman looked exactly like a friend of mine. So close that I almost rolled down the window and called out her name. But before the logistical thoughts "no, it couldn't be her...she wouldn't be in this neighborhood...that's not her husband" formed in my brain, I thought "no, it couldn't be her since she doesn't really like her husband, she doesn't take walks with him, and she must not want to hold hands and walk around in the middle of the day with anybody or she would have figured out a way to do it a long time ago." Then I thought about so many other people I know. People who don't hold hands and walk around in parks. Made me sad. I reached over to Shawn's hand and squeezed.

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