Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goldwater Girl

I used to be a Goldwater Girl. No, I wasn't a Republican out stumping for Barry (but I did hike up to his big house to go trick-or-treating and I still remember that they gave out full size candy bars!). I spent a couple of high school years selling clothes at Goldwater's department store at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Back then, the "mall" was just a few stores spread out, connected by a sidewalk, way before the big air-conditioned bubble popped up. There was a Bullocks and a Sakowitz and the still there, still incredible Camelview Theatre. The place looked like no other mall around, unlike now where they are all the same same same. But today, we went back a bit to the old days, where Fashion Square is a little different. Just like the mythological Phoenix bird, the old Goldwater's (eventually Robinsons) was reduced to ashes and then came back to life as a new, hip Barneys New York, making it impossible for me to figure out where I used to work, which door I would go in, making my old stomping ground totally unfamiliar. Today I took a long lunch and ventured in with some non-high school friends. The champagne was flowing and the goods were nothing like I sold back in the day. They even had a pair of old, dirty boots tagged at a cool $1800.

Barry was a cowboy. I bet they were his, pulled from the rubble.

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