Monday, October 12, 2009

Yoo Hoo, Mrs Goldberg

Yoo Hoo! Great documentary about Molly Goldberg (aka lots of different names) and her rise to fame from a little Jewish girl from the Bronx into an Emmy and Tony award winning actress, writer, director, producer. She paved the way for Lucille Ball, fought with the big wigs at CBS and NBC (after winning a battle with her father to go her own way) to create a long-running career on the radio, television and stage. Amazing footage of old New York where hanging out your window and talking to your neighbors was the closest thing you could get to therapy back then. Some of the girls and I did our own version of "yoo hooing " out the window and ventured out to Happy Hour at Regions for a change-your-life margarita following movie madness for a little therapy of our own.

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