Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Alphabet Game

A - My name is Andrea and my husband is Anthony. We are from Africa and we sell Aardvarks. B - My name is Beatrice and my husband is Bernard. We are from Boston and we sell Beans. Get the idea? After swinging by the airport to pick up A is for Amy, we headed to meet another A is for Amy, Amy Si. and her clan, A is for Annabelle, S is for Sophie and S is also for Susie (unless you're Annabelle or Sophie and Susie's a G, G is for Gaga). We learned how to play the alphabet game in preparation for an upcoming Thanksgiving fiesta. It's hard not to go through the alphabet without cracking up, especially with adorable little kids - out of the mouths of babes, you know. But then Amy and I joined our mom and friend from high school, John, for some Mexican food, a pitcher of margaritas and round two of the Alphabet game. Maybe it was the tequila, but by the time we got to N is for nuts and X is for Xanax, the game took a turn to a rated R version. Later on, A is for Amy and I taught S is for Shawn the game, and he took it one step further, creating almost a whole paragraph about Chris' Crappy day before he finally got to the part where he and his C-named wife sold Cod in Connecticut.

Wanna play?

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