Friday, October 30, 2009

Mischief Night

He kept whispering "I like boys." Michael Jackson (aka Maggie) and her adorable husband, Jens, (former circus performers and now an incredible artist, genius math instructor and totally over-the-top Halloween party throwers) invited the gang over for a Mischief Night melee. Their backyard was transformed into a spooky wonderland complete with steaming dry ice, a scary blacked-out fortune teller room, creepy decorations wherever you looked (like little doll arms reaching out of flowers pots) and a massive brick wall lit up with amazing selections of movie and video clips - Monster Mash, Rocky Horror, Twilight Zone, and more just kept coming as we all danced, ate, drank and laughed hysterically as the costumes kept getting better and better. I was a wench (with a last-minute borrowed costume, complete with some borrowed boobs). Jo was a sparkly Renaissance maiden,

 Jens was that Oxy-clean guy that recently died,

Louise and Patrick donned black eyes and each one had a big "P" hanging around their necks (The Black Eyed Peas - get it?). Little Annabelle was a creepy old man (we went into the fortune teller together and they reported that he wasn't going to make it much longer). Jaye was a desperate housewife - about thirty years later - make-up smeared all over, sparkly gold and green camisole under a leopard jacket and leopard beanie-type hat, leggings and, of course, house slippers. Then Henry (Henrietta) showed up. Oh my God. Here's a photo of "her" kissing Fergie.

Thanks Maggie and Jens - can't wait for next year!

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