Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheers! Fifty years!

Good 'ol Dad (Old Wildcat to you bloggers) has worked at the same firm for FIFTY years, that's right FIFTY. What do you get for that? Beautiful corner office in a high rise? Check. Big Wig status by the water cooler? Check. Fun Friday night party? Check! The new, hip downtown Sheraton was full of admirers, gathered to thank the big guy for years of hard work and dedication. There was a great "This is your life" slide show with only a few embarrassing old photos and an incredible reminder of all of his accomplishments. He gave a great speech, recollecting his interview way back when and his first day on the job. The interview seemed like a piece of cake, ruining my explanation that the only reason anybody would want to work somewhere for so long was a deep-seated fear of the interview process. Actually, turns out it's just a really great place to work, as evidenced by all of the nice people in the room. A good time was had by all. See you for your 60th in 2019!

Congratulations, Dad!

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