Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buddha, baby

I love Buddha. I've never been one to go to church, so I just spread Buddhas all over my house and it's the closet thing to religion I get.

This one's the real deal - at least 750 years old. Just got the prayer beads from Amy last year from one of her latest trips to Asia.

Nice gold one watching over the living room - don't talk to him much.
My main man. He's right by the back door and I rub his head just about every time I walk out (so does Shana, Shawn, never).
Shana's shelf. Her little dusty, jade Buddha has been around for years, even went to college with her - right by the door for convenient head rubbing.
Happy rubber Buddhas. Their heads turn around, too - what's not to love.

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