Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Do. So don't.

Somebody said, "You should write about marriage"...

I don't have a perfect marriage, but most days it's really great, so I can't complain. I've seen some really bad couplings that drag on and on for years after the rest of the world was saying "enough already." The lying, the cheating, the abuse - it's really unbelievable to see what some doormats will put up with (you know who you are). Back when they created marriage, you said "I do" to some guy that your parents picked out and hoped for the best for the next 15 or so years of your life span. These days, with half of all marriages ending in divorce, I don't know why everybody still thinks it won't happen to them. People still walk down the aisle and think "'til death do us part." But once you get the ring, it's not a free ride. There's work involved. There's talking and planning and therapy and following though. If you put your marriage on autopilot and it falls apart, then take the blame, learn from it and move on. There are boundaries. There are expectations. Be nice to each other. Listen. Aim for happiness, even, easier said than done, I know, but we all wake up every day and choose what to think about, so choose to aim for happiness. Be good parents together. Go on dates. Then there are the deal breakers. No lying. No hitting. No cheating. One strike, you're out. I said I do. So don't.

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