Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Groinocologist

I stopped by the Groinocologist to, you know, "say hello" and was surrounded by pregnant people. Cute pregnant ladies with their cute husbands looking at the cute pregnancy magazines. So cute. It sort of makes me want to have another one. Another cute, little baby. I'm not the most maternal person on earth, but I love babies. I love watching them smile and yawn and look at things. It seems like they take in every single sound and noise and color and touch and fold it into who they will become. Amazing. Then they grow up and like to be pushed on the swings and play on the beach and ask for help with their homework. It's all good. After the nice doctor did her stuff she said I'm boring. I'm normal. Another year, nothing new, but no news is good news. Right? But I walked out thinking, hey, that could be me. I've still got the time. The energy. The husband. The eggs may have seen better days, but I could be sitting there with the rest of them next year if I wanted to. I left the building, got in my babyseat-less car and drove off, right by Chuck E. Cheese's. I forgot about Chuck E. Cheese's. I can't stand Chuck E. Cheese's. Is that normal? Maybe it's a sign.

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