Friday, July 24, 2009

Milwaukee's Best $7.49 for a 12-pack

I'm not a big drinker. I love going out with my friends for a couple of glasses of wine, or some margaritas or mojitos (had some great Cucumber mojitos at lunch today - thanks Carla!), so, you know, I'm a social drinker, not one of those gotta have one every day. There are the occasional "I had too much to drink at the Christmas party and the next day is shot" events, but not so much anymore. So the other day Shawn sent me off to the store to buy some beer so he could make some brats, boil them in it or something. I don't cook, especially if it's meat and especially if there's a casing on it, God, just the thought of that pushes me over the edge. But I can shop. So I got some beer (he said "just get whatever, anything, it doesn't matter") so I found the cheapest one there - Milwaukee's Best $7.49 for a 12-pack, what a deal. I stood at the register with my Milwaukee's Best, $7.49 for a 12-pack, and totally got one of those "you're one of those that gotta have it every day, aren't you?" looks.

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