Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Face Off

Lotus was having such a good life before Cali showed up. She was the cute one. Her sister, LuLu, was the cranky, mean one. She loved to be pet, loved to be brushed. She got 90% of the cat attention that was doled out in the house, with LuLu only rarely barging in and demanding some, then, more often than not, ending her quality time biting the hand that was petting her. So Lotus ruled for years. Then Shana brought home Cali, all two pounds and abandoned, little Cali and we fell in love. She sleeps on top of Shawn's head. She greets us when we come in. She's got a serious Diva attitude and only drinks running water from the sink. She runs and plays and she's the cute new girlfriend in the house. Now Lotus is kind of cranky and mean. Can you blame her?

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