Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Baby

That's the "Happy Baby" yoga pose and it always makes me think of Shana when I do it. Shana's a happy baby. I wish I could take all the credit for turning her into one, but I had a lot of help, sort of like living on Easy Street in Parentland. I had a good husband that changed diapers along with some amazing grandparents that kidnapped her every chance they could so I could sleep in. And then there was Shana, the pretty much perfect kid. She rarely got sick, slept a lot, smiled a lot, did everything according to plan. She did well in school and made friends easily. Plus, she was a girl, which was probably easier for me and then we quit while we were ahead. No second child syndrome. No sibling rivalry. Nice, quiet house. I was a smart cookie, too, maybe even over prepared. I got a degree in psychology, then another one in education. I ran parenting classes and family therapy sessions and worked with some pretty dysfunctional families and their heartbreakingly psychologically, socially, and behaviorally totally messed up kids. So when Shana came along, I knew what not to do. Her happiness was on my mind every day. I always knew that my number one goal was to raise a happy baby, a happy child, and now a happy Little Miss I'm An Adult Now. I realize turning this one kid into a smiling, productive world member wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. But it's my most important accomplishment and it always will be. And that makes me happy.

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