Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bourbon Divas Book Club

There's a book in here somewhere. My book club's official title from way back when is The Suburban Divas Book Club (unofficially we're the drinking club with a reading problem), so when the waiter tonight called us the Bourbon Divas Book Club, I figured maybe he was on to something. We gathered the gang (small at just six since it's July and Phoenix is a ghost town) at swanky Durant's with the red velvet wallpaper for some big steaks and some Kobe beef (we even got a lesson, those Kobe cows are pampered - fed beer, left alone to wander and given massages - so, of course the Bourbon Divas were all over that). Our book this month was The Wednesday Sisters, a cute little summer read about a group of women that met back in the 60's (thus, the Durant's venue) and followed them through some blast from the past history lessons and some pretty poignant examples of how some things never really change. We covered all the bases as usual - the kids, the summer, the sex, the politics, the husbands/boyfriends/boy toys/adorable artist guy down at Vinnie's and gossiped about the Divas that weren't there, figuring out all of their lives, too (hey, be there or be square, right?) We even charmed the cute waiter into an early, early Leslie/Jo birthday strawberry shortcake surprise. Maybe if we each started with a chapter, there will be another group of sisters at Durant's talkin' about us someday...

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  1. oh im so jealous. i started a little bookclub of my own, but slow going at first. i think out of like 15 interested only 3 ended up reading the book. we'll see how it goes! wish us luck.

    any tips on gettting us goin?