Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's not about the asterisk (but really it is)

The Reader at Harold's in Cave Creek
The wagon wheels were spinning, the beer was flowing and my heart was racing in Cave Creek tonight. I entered my piece "Fat Chance" into the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival and out of 42 entrants I was selected as one of the ten Semi-Finalists! I tried to keep the big news on the down low, but my posse showed up anyway and sat through the long (for a bunch of short stories) ceremony with me at the ohh so cool honky tonk cowboy bar, Harold's. I was slated to go last. Last. Except I didn't know that until it was all over, sort of thought that somebody forgot about me. The emcee told me later that she picked me to wrap up the night since mine was so funny. Well, I'll take that. Before I read my piece (since it was getting late and most everybody else had already left and the people were bussing the tables), they announced the final three that would go on to the Saturday night event and I didn't make the cut. But I had an asterisk by my name in the program - a place of honor - a semi-finalist! We'll see ya'll next year, Cave Creek!!

The Posse

at the bar next door

The posse kept the celebration going as we walked next door to the Buffalo Cow Chip (?) place for some more ale, sweet tea (so they say), amazing voices of Chicks with Sticks and even swiping a hay bale and throwing it in the back of our pick-up (well, okay, suburban version white Volvo, close enough) - never a dull moment with these cowgirls.

too much beer at the bar next door
sit down already!

Did I mention the asterisk??

Lisa Sullivan *


  1. Asterisk? Oh snap!? I was so sure that was a star.

  2. You're a star with an asterisk, too, baby!! Cheri Biggs * :) :)