Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still stuck in the 80's

They say that your all-time favorite music is what you were listening to when you found your first true love. Was is Sinatra? Elvis? The Beatles? The Grateful Dead? For me, it's the 80's bands. It's a good thing that there were so many of them, so I can keep reliving my youth every time one of them rolls through town. I remember doing the 80's dance (sort of embarrassing these days) in the living room to all the cool videos on the brand new MTV, getting the moves down, learning the words and singing along as my idols sang about all the stuff that I was going through. So for tonight's Blondie and Pat Benatar concert, I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to dress the part. I scrounged the closet for some shoulder pads and head bands, but came up with nothing. I found some leggings, but without leg warmers and white Reebok high tops, the look just didn't work. So I ended up with a push-up bra, high heels, a black top (of course), some jeans and tons of gloss for my still stuck in the 80's night. I did see a few gals that had better luck than me. Some big hair bows, some ripped fishnets, some Flashdance-like off the shoulder shirts, but mostly we all looked the same, some of us a bit swelled and most of the big hair gone, replaced by, sadly, a bunch of guys with bald spots gleaming in front of me. But at least I had my 80's crush, Shawn, standing next to me with his full head of hair (in some last minute right up front half priced seats, thanks to my new BFF, Steve, the ticket broker), and we were hardly able to contain the still stuck in the 80's feet from doing the old dance. All the words flowed back as the first few notes were played on the old favorites. Pat Benatar brought down the house with her unbelievable voice and amazing band. She walked us down memory lane (Heartbreaker, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Love is a Battlefield) describing how and why and when a lot of the songs were written as they celebrated the band's 30 year anniversary. Then Blondie, the first real punk rock girl was in her true cheeky, cheeky Diva form as she sang Call Me, Heart of Glass, Maria, One Way or Another and so many more as she had us all mesmerized all the way through to her last song, a tribute to Michael Jackson with a psychedelic, disco ball spinning version of Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. Both rockers looked amazing and I tried not to think about the fact that these ladies are probably grandmothers, but they were incredible - their voices, their presence, their total heart and soul were put out there and it was obvious that they were thrilled that they could still take a few thousand 80's fans back almost three decades to make us feel like it was just yesterday.

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