Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I Need (email from Shana)

red jacket
black jacket
leather jacket (brown and maybe your black one that is in my closet)
sparkly silver shirt in closet
sweatshirts (in container under bed, i think?)
any other warm looking things
You can take some clothes home for me yay
maybe some gloves, is that too much? IM FREEZING OVER HERE
I think that's it for now
are you excited for a fun filled weekend? 
Here's what I have planned:
We can go to this nice italian place that i've always wanted to go to called Vivace
I want to go to OPA (good veggie food)
We can go hiking
you are helping me at work on saturday with the little girlies
there is an art walk downtown on saturday night
there is a gas exhibit on campus
we can snuggle
thats all
k bye

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