Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey, What's With The Wig?

Unfortunately, some of the ladies were unable to head up to Pinetop for our annual retreat at Jilly-B's, missing out on an always fun, fun, fun time. So, to drown our sorrows, we had a last minute wigfest in Louise's (Candy's) new rug. We don't love it yet, but we definitely like it very much. Maddie's back in town (yay!) and after two minutes she was all caught up on the gossip, making us realize we need to get some new things to bitch about. 
Here's leopard girl, Leslie, looking lovely, but don't walk by the table too slowly, 
or this might happen.
And the glam queen...

Candy and Jo were smart enough not to sit still long enough for any photographic evidence.

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