Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bed Head

I've lost all control. Lotus (the grey one) moved in above my head a couple of years ago. She was sick back then. Almost died. One day I even scheduled the Dr. Death Vet-in-a-van guy to come by. But that night she rallied back. Started eating. Gave herself a little bath. So, soon after, when she started stealing my pillow, who was I not to cede her a bit of bed territory? Huh? But lately, we've had company. Not Lotus' sister, the growling, cranky broad, Lulu, who claims a spot by my feet, it's the new one, Cali. The cute one, pink nose and all. I think she got cold out there in her old sleeping place, wherever that was. It's all Shawn's fault. I left him unsupervised for too long recently at Home Depot and he showed up at the check-out with a shiny new thermostat. I asked, "What's wrong with the ones we have?" "Nothing," he said, as he put it in the bag. We went home and he installed it. Two weeks later, we still have no A/C or heat. It's Fall in Phoenix and our windows are still open, so we're ok. For now. I'm worried, though, that by the time it drops to the 40s again, adding a blanket and a Cali won't be enough to keep me warm.

I may need one more of each.

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