Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Committee Goes Down

Maybe the term "Super Committee" was a bit overzealous. As Rick Perry says, "You shouldn't go around thinking you're the superest guy in the room." Banks win. Corporations rule. Pizza is a vegetable again. Yay! Wait, that one's not the Super Committee's fault. But still, Yay!

This guy seems to have given up.

Maybe I'll call my Super Committee SuperSenator to see if he'll listen.
Hey there, Superman. Remember me? From back in the day? Birthday parties with your daughter? Hopi Hullabaloo cake walks. The old times when there wasn't so much fighting? I was so cute back then. You weren't bad yourself. Now how about a sweet little vote for your old neighbor? Huh? I know you're leaving big, bad Washington soon after a nice, long, profitable run, but just for old time's sake. Raise a few taxes. Just a few. Come on. Tell your Superhero friends. Put on your cape and get out your pen. You can do it.

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