Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

A non-book club book club, just a gobble, gobble, gobble gathering with the ladies. No book, but we do have a new slogan, penned by our very own Jaye.
Leslie told a dirty joke - it was either the "how do you get over a man - by getting under another one" one or the one about the hemophiliac, hard to remember, when, following the punch line, Jaye yelled out, "I love us!" We're not getting rid of A Drinking Club With A Reading Problem just yet, but check your local stores for I Love Us! bumper stickers soon.

We had stoup and soup and salad and meatballs and pumpkin martinis and a wine tasting.
We contemplated buggy pine cones, how you get to the Y near Beaver Bay in Wisconsin there, don'tcha know, fishnet stockings, Michael Jackson, the Friends and Family discounts at Macy's. There must have been some contemplation about important, worldly, intelligent matters, but nothing's coming to me right now. Jo and Carla were in there somewhere, too, but seemed to escape the paparazzi.
A guy came a knockin' as the clock struck ten. Adorable new Tom, poor thing didn't know what hit him until Super Gobbler, Louise, pushed all of us turkeys out the door before he could get away.

No official book, but here are some recommendations:
Room by Emma Donoghue (just finished it - totally original, creative, disturbing - couldn't put it down)

From the other readers: Poisoned, Marriage Plot, Blue Nights by Joan Didion, Same Kind of Different Like Me

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